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I'd like to share a short animation done by Studio Stray Dog that I did some FX work for:

The project was directed by Nas Pasha (raging-akujiki) and is based on an original comic by Hideo Han (HideousHandsome).

It was fun drawing some of the dust clouds that you see in this. I hope Stray Dog continues to grow. :nod:
After being asked about it a few times I've gone and set up a small store on Big Cartel for three prints that I have at Momocon right now:

There Was a Sale Today... by thatLD

Stay Fresh! by thatLD

Conquer Yourself by thatLD

If you place an order before I'm sold out then I'll set aside a print to ship to you as soon as Momocon is over.

All prints are $10. They are 11"x17" on 12pt. card stock and are protected in an archive quality slipcase.

Every print is signed on the back.

I can ship them in the Continental U.S. for $1. They will be sent out in stay-flat mailers made of recycled material.

I will keep the store page open until all of my stock is gone. Once that happens I'll close it.

The One Punch-Man and Ocarina of Time prints have been doing well so the window in which you can get one is closing.

My Big Cartel page is here.

Thanks for your time and for picking up a print if you choose to do so! :aww:
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Things got a little rocky and it was a long wait to get approved, but it's here:

Approval took so long that our launch trailer is outdated. The game looks even better now. :D

Speaking of which, I'm the sole artist responsible for the character design, backgrounds, interface, logo, and animation.
Absolutely every visual element in the game is something that I'm responsible for drawing or designing.

The game is more challenging than it seems. At times you might even find it Nintendo Hard.

If you're into supporting indie games, like fast-paced arcade action, or are just into cute things then you'll probably have a good time playing. It's a solid experience.

You can currently find it on Apple devices in the iTunes App Store.

If you choose to support and pick up a copy then I'd be all-ears to hear what you think. This is just the ground floor. The game is only going to get better from here. :nod:
The 1000 Kickstarter ended roughly an hour ago. Unfortunately it was unfunded.

Am I down about it?

Not at all, to be honest. I've had my time to think and be objective about it. The one thing keeping my spark alive is the response from people within the animation industry.  It has been completely galvanizing!

Just the super-short list of people who, in no uncertain words, expressed interest in the project include the Animation Director of Riot Games (one of the key guys behind League of Legends), an animator who worked on the Iron Giant, and THIS GUY:

It's hard to feel bad about being unsuccessful when you've got people like that rooting for you.

The road ahead isn't going to be easy. At all. I'll have to find a way to keep animating without a budget, which sits right next to "ride a sailboat to the moon" on the list of difficult things to do in this world.

Seems I wouldn't have it any other way. :XD:

In the end it will make me a better person, and perhaps an example of what struggling so hard looks like. :D

I'll be back. Stronger than ever. Count on that!

This is it! Without further fanfare I'd like to introduce you to a project that I've been brewing with greenestreet and jeffreylai since October of last year. It's an animated micro-series focused on delivering quality action animation.

A Kickstarter for the series called "1000."

That's me speaking on the voice-over. :D

(Also, I'm the thinnest guy in the video. Shows how much I've been working lately...)

I'm playing the role of animation director and can definitely say that I'm nervous and excited about where this thing could go!

Here's one small taste of what just one of us (i.e. :iconjeffreylai:) is capable of:

We have lots of incentives ready and waiting should you pledge and support.

Go here for the Kickstarter page and thanks for taking the time to check out what we're up to:

KICKSTARTER: 1000 animated project by greenestreet

Just wanted to give a tiny heads-up that a Kickstarter I'm a part of is launching on July 1st.

There's more info, character designs, and some process work on the 1000 Kickstarter Facebook page. We just started updating Monday and are already at half a thousand likes. :iconfacebooklikeplz:

If you're wondering why I've been quiet lately, that's part of the reason. The other is the work I'm putting into Hamster Drop.

Times are good! :D
I've been dead and gone for far too long. Far too long. :no:

To semi-make up for my absense, these are a couple of things I've been up to lately.

First, a couple of stills and a rough from an animated teaser I've worked on with greenestreet and jeffreylai

Shot01-v2 by thatLD
Shot 04 Thumb by thatLD

Second, a mobile game called Hamster Drop that I've been arting on:
Hamster-Drop-logo-color by thatLD

Seethrough Ham by thatLD

There's more than this of course, but we'll get to that at another time. Just wanted to say that I'm far from dead.

Hopefully it's not too late to dust off my gallery and hopefully you still remember me. :D
Yo! It's been waaaaaay too long since I've last updated my journal.
Figured sharing some Batman action might help break the ice a little.

In case you haven't paid any attention to the shorts that played this
summer over Cartoon Network's DC Nation then you might have missed the
standout work that came from Wolf Smoke Studio.

They're the studio behind Kung Fu Cooking Girls, a short that pretty much brought a new style to the animation table:

This, I believe, is the lead key animator's profile on Pixiv. Just click the image to go there and browse his gallery. It's quality:

Always a beautiful thing to see a new studio doing so well against all odds. They're almost doing the impossible over there in China. Hopefully we'll see them producing more memorable animation. I wish them many years of success and growth. :nod:

As far as myself, I've got some animation of my own coming down the pipe. More on that in the future...I'm far from dead. :ninja:
UPDATE: Just got confirmation that it really isn't Oda, but the skills still speak for themselves.

You wouldn't believe the grin I had on my face when I tripped over these videos and realized that it had to be Oda.

There's no fanfare, no talking, no big presence. Precisely the way that he likes to present himself behind his work.

Even the handwriting in the background matches the writing in notes and sketches published in the Color Walk series of art books.

If you're a fan of One Piece, then you may enjoy watching him draw as much as I did. His channel is 24poni on Youtube. Drop in and tell him, "Hi!"

He seems to upload a new video monthly, which isn't bad considering how crazy-busy his job is. There are even a couple of videos showing the header drawings for the SBS series (a series of pages where he answers questions from readers in the published tankobon collections of the manga).

If it's not Oda then I'll draw a picture of Luffy for you if you can prove it! :XD:
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Despite the smallness of my gallery and the fact that I disappear so often, I'd like to thank you for choosing to put up with it and watch me.

Even when I had nothing but a couple of animated loops of characters you knew nothing about you chose to watch me anyway.

Regardless of my skills not being as hot as I'd like them to be you're still here looking at my work.

Really, it touches me quite a bit. I'm terribly doubtful about my work yet I've been blessed with two Daily Deviations, reblogs around the internet, my current projects, and many, many positive words of encouragement; none of which would have happened if you weren't here.

At the time of this journal there are now over 2000 people with their eyes in my direction (2011 as of this writing). It happened sometime this week and I had no clue the numbers were so high.

So I'll end things with a headshot of another character you know nothing about but who will appear in something I'm working on now:

Thanks for watching me. It puts a smile on my face knowing that you'll be here when I truly break out with something worth seeing.
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Woah! I had no clue until just now, but the commission I drew last week is now on Capcom-Unity's blog roll. Thanks to AshPaulsen for coming over and letting me know.…

It got put there Wednesday.

How in the world did that happen? :omg:
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Man! I have nothing but good things to say about my first experience behind a table at a convention.

I met some great and friendly artists, learned a lot about what I'm going to need to bring to the next convention, and was really surprised about the reactions to my work.

Every print I had sold out. Every. Single. One. :omg:

My only goal going in was to make enough money to pay for gas so I could make it back home. I'm very thankful to have met and exceeded that goal, so a huge thank you to those who stopped by and bought a print.

I'm not sure if my next convention will be as amazing, but I'm certainly ready for it.

Hope you enjoyed your weekend as well. :XD:
*Click images for larger size*

Yo! I'm all kinds of late in saying this but I'll be behind a table at Anime Weekend Atlanta this Friday to Sunday with SolomonMars. :|

I'm all kinds of nervous and excited about it.

It's my first time behind a table and I've no clue how things will go.

Regardless, I'm sure I'll have fun.

Nothing else to do but to go and give my best. :XD:

[Click to enlarge]

If you're going then I can be found right here:

[Click to enlarge]

I'll be holding a few of these prints off to the side for anyone who wants one but won't be able to make it. Note me if you're interested and we'll discuss from there. It's a first-come-first-served deal with very limited-numbered and signed prints. :note:

For those waiting on commissions: I thought the coast was clear to work on commissions back when I opened up for them, but got swamped with work out of nowhere. My calendar has time blocked off to work on them next week, though, so I'll be getting back in touch and back on the grind.

Thanks for reading and I hope you've enjoyed the preview. :aww:

See you at AWA! :peace:
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*UPDATE: Wow! That was the fastest I ever filled up commission slots! All I did was go out for dinner and the list is full! Thank you!! :omg:

This round may be full but there's another round on the way. Feel free to send a note if you're interested and I'll get back to you with slot status. *

Yo! Just wanted to follow up on what I said yesterday about opening up for commissions.

I'm doing two rounds of film cel commissions, 5 slots each. This is round one. Here's what you get:

  • Any single character of your choosing in a widescreen film shot, chest or waist-up
  • Optional captions
  • Simple background and color included, of course
  • The original Photoshop file and a hi-res JPG in 1920x1080
  • Password-protected, online backup of your file in case you lose it
  • Preliminary sketch and two revisions
  • No payment necessary until I send the final preview image

If you'd like a slot then note me with the following:

  • Visual reference of the character
  • Brief description of the action you'd like the character to do
  • Where the character is

If you're not able to come up with anything then I'll help you out. :aww:
Not a bad deal for $20, I'd say. :nod:

Payments are accepted via Paypal.

1) TAKEN by Sophtopus
2) TAKEN by shortwings
3)TAKEN by neonoi
4) TAKEN by xXxDark-RavenxXx
5) TAKEN by AKRine

Also, I've got one animated loop slot open for $40-$80, depending on difficulty. It's 1080p HD and can be converted to a screensaver, if you'd like.

Note me for additional details and we can move from there:

1) TAKEN by Cris-Art

Thanks for giving this a read and for commissioning me if you do. I definitely appreciate it! :XD:
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Redline. I just watched it.

I haven't laid eyes on frame-by-frame alchemy of that caliber in a looooong time. Not since the slow-motion shots in Akira and Ghost in the Shell years and years ago.
Some sequences in this film are pure gold.

There were at least seven times during the course of the film that I just wanted to pause and study, and another three that literally made me say, "Woah..."

Story aside, you've just got to see it. If you're into animation at all you've got to see it.

If even one cell in your body aspires to traditional animation then you. Must. See. It.

As I watched I kept thinking to myself, "No wonder it took seven years to make..!"

It's pure hand-drawn kung-fu. No 3D to be seen for miles!

I am impressed. So much so that I must now animate...

...for eternity!

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I'm emerging from the shadows just long enough to dance around in the light of today's Daily Deviation:

Transform Blue Bomber by thatLD

My eyes hurt from all the shine but I'm happily blind. :iconlovelyemoteplz:

Thanks to rydi1689 for suggesting it and to you for commenting, watching, and taking the time to give my work a look.

There's a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes on my end, and I've barely got time to check dA, but know that when I return there'll be A LOT of good things coming with me.

Also, I'll be re-opening for commissions once I get a chance to breathe, so there's another opportunity coming if you're waiting for one.

I hope your Friday has been just as bright, if not brighter than mine! :XD:

Due to a strange series of events my internet circuit is missing and it'll be 30 days before I can get a new one reinstalled through my current ISP. As of right now, I can only get online through friends and family.

I've been offline since last Wednesday.

Just wanted to let those who've noted or commented recently know why I haven't replied just yet.

It's almost surreal to be without an internet connection. Just about every bit of software I use stays connected to it and most of the work I do comes from online correspondence.

In a way, being disconnected does make me slow down and relax a bit. Something I could certainly use, but definitely not at this time. :XD:

Since I've been sideswiped so hard, I'll be looking for a new service provider. Do you know of any in the Eastern US that can get me back on my feet again with quality service?

I'll check out any recommendation you have. Thanks for helping me out. :nod:
<img src="…"  width="100%" />

Single frame commissions. $18.75 after 25% discount or full $25 price with 25% donated to Japanese Relief efforts.

In regular widescreen, 1080p HD

Or animorphic widescreen (black bars on top and bottom).

Captions also optional.

Will accept fan art or original characters. Single character only. Chest up.
Includes a simple background.

Paypal payments accepted. You don't have to pay until I send you a preview of the final piece.

Links to Visual reference is a MUST.

I'll send you the original Photoshop file as well as a high-res JPG.

Note me if you're interested and I'll add you to the following list. It's super-small, so don't hesitate. :XD:

  1. Taken - Kiotoko-Solo
  2. Taken - Evetsu
  3. Taken - DORMWORLD
  4. *Bonus Slot - OPEN*

Paypal Stamp by artist4com
Commission Stamp by kyouyatsu
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Man! Talk about being off the radar. I was almost completely unaware that my 2nd year on dA had arrived. ^^;

Since I stepped foot on the wild, green grounds of deviantART I've been able to grow a tiny garden of work in my gallery.

That garden doesn't have much quantity or variety.
It's been blown over by art droughts many, many times.
The waters of inspiration hardly rain on it, either.

Despite that it has grown some fruit.

Fruits that I didn't expect so many other people to like.

Whenever I emerge from my cave and look at that garden I can't help but wonder how other people have found it.
It's tiny, two years old, and hidden out in no-mans land.

That puts a smile on my face; I'm truly happy someone new shows up to see it each day.

I'd like to give you my truest thanks and appreciation, whether you've just discovered my garden or have been visiting for a while.

Thank you.

My garden is going through another drought right now, but a rain of inspiration is on the way.

This second year ought to be a fruitful one. :aww:

How's your garden been doing, by the way? I'm curious. :XD:
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For the very first deviation I made for deviantART! :omg:

Girl of the Grasses by thatLD

Unbelievable. :iconicamespeechlesslyplz:

I know I'm not saying anything you haven't heard before, but I WAS NOT expecting to receive one!!

Thanks for sticking with me thus far and thanks to Amberrant for recommending me and Gashu-Monsata for approving it.

I'm still shaking.
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